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Sunday, November 7, 2010

psychedelic trance, full-on, dark, goa, progressive trance



October 28th, 2010


KILLER STRUCKXURED Is Sandip Bhalla & Somya Lohia, Based In Vashi Navi Mumbai, India. The Object Of The Duo Is To Hurl The listeners To The Real Trip Of Night/Dark Psy In Their Pure Meaningful Sense Of Their Musical Cognition.. Witness The First Murder

01 Iliuchina VS Aadat: Intro
02 NRS: Resurge
03 Illegal Machines: Teleportation
04 Foam: Hornythology
05 Concept: Project Genesis
06 Asimilion: Another Reality
07 REV: Dunky Funk
08 Madmind: Antigravity
09 Entropy: Bit Box
10 REV: Saucy
11 Chris Rich: KetaKitten
12 Tookytooky: Nocturna (Rmx)
13 Iliuchina: Outro

Download at hotfile or

Etnoscope – Way Over Deadline [EKTLP11]

October 26th, 2010

Etnoscope   Way Over Deadline [EKTLP11] Psytrance

Ektoplazm & Panzar Produktionz proudly present Way Over Deadline, the long-awaited album by legendary Swedish trance pioneers Etnoscope. In 2000 Etnoscope signed with Son Kite’s infamous Digital Structures and released a series of successful 12″ records before exploding onto the world stage with their critically acclaimed 2003 debut album, Drums From The Dawn Of Time. Now, after years of growing anticipation, rumours, and doubt, Etnoscope emerges from hibernation with another monumental contribution to trance-dance culture. This album builds on the classic Etnoscope vibe with tribal drumming, powerful electronic rhythms, synthetic soundscapes, ethereal vocals, and infectious guitar riffs.


Killer Struckxured – The Red Scum

October 22nd, 2010

Killer Struckxured   The Red Scum Psytrance

KILLER STRUCKXURED Is The Chemistry Between Sandip Bhalla & Somya Lohia, Based In Vashi Navi Mumbai, India. The Object Of The Duo Is To Hurl The listeners To The Real Trip Of Night/Dark Psy

Pondscum – Choahinon
Red – Japanese Nightmare
Red – Mentality
Pondscum – Balls
Pondscum – No Name
Red – Rush Crush
Pondscum – Oddish
Pondscum – Gumboot
Pondscum – Ode To The Panjari Hymen
Red – Laiman Alfa

If you need some real mind trip to keep you engaged, then do listen to the above, Coming to drill deep in your head

Download here or here

VA – A Season in Hell (Apuruami Recs)

October 22nd, 2010

VA   A Season in Hell (Apuruami Recs) Psytrance

01. Gain Reduction – The Present Demons
02. Antagon & Ignis – Peterchens_Mondfahrt
03. Jesus Raves – Oh My Alien
04. Chemicalspoon – Punci Pöcögteto2b
05. Mergel – Vikutoria Defender
06. Gamaliel – Madness u Pultika
07. Mr. Hades – Rememberember
08. G r i m – Nacion Yaqui
09. D1G1T4L D4RKN355 – La Conciencia Indigena Despierta
10. aGh0Ri TanTriK – Karttikeya (God of War)

Download Links:

VA – The Kuroi Jukai

October 19th, 2010

VA   The Kuroi Jukai Psytrance

01. Kiru – The Kuroi Jukai
02. Zeusdrop – Hounting Woods
03. Digitalx – Eerie Forest
04. Kiru – Namu Amida Butsu
05. Furious – Secret Story
06. Ikpeng – Screams in Panic
07. Magma Ohm – Forest of Yuureis
08. Kasatka – The Uncanny
09. Komfuzious – Kakureta Mori
10. Insector – Cosmic Overdose

Download MP3 320k

Killer B – The lost but not forgotten E.P.

October 17th, 2010

Killer B   The lost but not forgotten E.P. Psytrance

Amoeba Records presents you with 5 unique tracks that were destined for release at the end of last year on Killer B’s long awaited album, then the studio was burgled twice and everything was stolen. Killer B recently recovered these tracks and compiled them for their final destination to become part of your ever growing music collection. These tracks represent his evolution and style in underground music production and have been tried and tested in all weather conditions from the festivals in the south to the gatherings in the north… Now feel the buzzzz


Unwashed Tomato – Before Thought

nov 13th, 2010

Unwashed Tomato   Before Thought Psytrance

Unwashed Tomato is a collaborative psytrance production initiative started by Andy Aylward and David Mostoller in late 2006. Our main focus is creating an intensely psychedelic, groovy experience which is at once quirky and powerful, containing motifs from many musical traditions. Close attention is given to producing a complex yet cohesive sound while maintaining a clean and dynamic mix.

01 – Before Thought
02 – Koan #3
03 – Drop Into The Momentary

Download WAV

VA – Spring forest – 2010

VA   Spring forest   2010 Psytrance

Free progressive psytrance release from Pureuphoria (Denmark)

Download mp3 here

VA – Prepare Yourself – Shamanicaros Records

VA   Prepare Yourself   Shamanicaros Records Psytrance

Genre: Darkpsy, Psychedelic, Full Power

Length: 158:51 min

Release Date: 08th Oct 2010
CD 1 Tracklist:
01. aGh0Ri TanTriK – Demonic Resurrection [152 BPM]
02. Jura – Lunatic Secret Book [150 BPM]
03. Setanic – Bosque Encantado [148 BPM]
04. Akés – Pentaculum [150 BPM]
05. Kayab – RelojesTrip [152 BPM]
06. Motorbrain – Parapsyde [154 BPM]
07. Yuu Rei vs. Zero-Blade – Push It To The Limit! (Zero-Blade Edit) [153.192 BPM]
08. Toxic Anger Syndrome – Toxic Waste [154 BPM]
09. T.M.N. – Tequilla Lawyers (RMX) [158 BPM]
10. Mandari – Elastic Plastic [160 BPM]
11. Psiconauta – Decay [160 BPM]
CD 2 Tracklist:
01. Gloomy Phantom – Ghost Stalker [160 BPM]
02. CyberGod – Braindead People Running [165 BPM]
03. Cyko – Alien Elixir Effects [168 BPM]
04. Zero-Blade – If You Could Only Hear What I Can See [168 BPM]
05. Acidevil – Evil On Acid [170 BPM]
06. Schranz Militia vs. Mr. Hades – Hand On The Glock [170 BPM]
07. Liquedator – phuk Off Freak [170 BPM]
08. Sky Anomaly – I See A Pattern [170 BPM]
09. The Andychrist – Glittering Diamond [180 BPM]
10. Stitch – Escape [180 BPM]
11. Plasma Force – Ancient Storyteller [185 BPM]
Compiled by Zero-Blade
MP3 :::::: WAV CD1 :::::::: WAV CD2

V.A. – NOIZE JUNKIE by Triptec Records

V.A.   NOIZE JUNKIE by Triptec Records Psytrance

1. Intro by Triptec Records
2. Yaotzin Tech – Mya
3. Saikohmadness – Weird Trip
4. M3L3K Taus – Precious Cool Hwiip
5. LIMBO – Strange Noize
6. StiTch vs. Lullaby&Goodnight – Forest Race
7. Saitam – Alucino Spectrum
8. Phal:anx – Mutant
9. Psy Horror Noize – Massive Souls
10. Terminologista – Fuck Sinics

Download at megaupload or sendspace

aGh0Ri TanTriK – Kabrastan (2005)

aGh0Ri TanTriK   Kabrastan (2005) Psytrance

The debut album of Dark Psytrance Artist Aghori Tantrik is finally available as a free release officially. Aghori Tantrik’s new album is out now “Rakth Pipasu”.

Download Kabrastan in mp3 320

Check official Aghori Tantrik website: for new album!

VA – Cosmogenezis (Sonic Tantra Recs, 2010)

VA   Cosmogenezis (Sonic Tantra Recs, 2010) Psytrance

VA – Cosmogenezis (Mixed by EQ Tunkul)

1. Mind Distortion System – Psychologue
2. Antagon – Floating Point
3. Regravity a.k.a. Savely – Waves
4. Eq Tunkul – Mama Africa
5. Eq Tunkul – Paul Gauguin & New Millenium Cyanide Christ
6. aGh0Ri TanTriK – Para Brahman
7. T.G.B. & Arcek – Docemasuno
8. Metadelic – Musical Terrorist
9. Pharmacore – Petlya Oriona

WAV MP3 320k

VA – Earthdance Guatemala 2010 Night Time

VA   Earthdance Guatemala 2010 Night Time Psytrance

01 – Alien Trancesistor vs Electryxeed – Golu Aloo (148 BPM)
02 – LiquidNoize – Forest Funk (146 BPM)
03 – Invid Mind – Strange Girl (150 BPM)
04 – The SeYh – Seyhedelix (156 BPM)
05 – Tsabeat – Deep Switch (150 BPM)
06 – Pharmacore – Mind Block (150 BPM)
07 – Becoming.Intense – Eco (160 BPM)
08 – Agh0ri Tantrik – Mahadeva (170 BPM)
09 – Becoming.Intense – Ignorance Spoken (170 BPM)
10 – Psicodelicat – Malicious Tongues (186 BPM)

Download: WAV / MP3

VA – The Odyssey Follow It’s Course

VA   The Odyssey Follow Its Course Psytrance

Hydropanic – Dysfunction (150bpm)
Yolokonoko (Oxidelic and Yara) vs Malkaviam – Latigazo Cerebral (153bpm)
Fatal Discord – Phonophobia (153bpm)
Kabayun vs Sixty Cylcles – Tablesaw Boogie (155bpm)
Aremakki – Jetlag Sickness (156bpm)
Sick Minds – Its Back Motherfuckers (160bpm)
Naverius – Cum On Again (160bpm)
Rawar – The Core (200bpm)
Speed Demon – Beast Beat (146bpm)
Mastered by Artists themself

WAV Download Link: (610 MB)



Wild Seven Recordz is celebrating the release of its third EP and, at the same time, the label is proud to present a new piece of its psychedelic backbone. Hailing from Tokyo, Miracles is the sonic combo of Yuuichi Sukegawa and Yuusuke Kurihara, a duo set on bringing together and exploring different spheres of the trance spectrum, night time as twilight, and always with a unique full-power touch of deranged soundscapes, stemming from their love of psytrance.

01 Love Me 10 Dark
02 The Way To Heaven
03 Happy Wedding To My Bro
04 Hispeed Killer

Download HERE